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Researching Pollination 
It is from the history of scientific illustration and the history of pollination that I develop my art. As an artist I feel it is important to know who came before me in order to create an accurate representation of nature. Knowledge of the research and methods help determine morphology and the pollination process.
Research of pollination in the early 1990’s  was hidden in botanical library collections. I developed a database of plants and their pollinators including authors of research papers. This list is constantly changing as new research is printed. I  honor this research by translating findings into illustration.

Story boards are an old method of gathering information. Over time my system contains key elements that I wish to know: plant and pollinator distribution world wide, historical illustrations and systematic classification of name(s). Once the research is gathered I visit the subjects to record distinguishing features found through research.

Back at the studio I begin a series of sketches to lay out the composition. This process may be extensive as in the case of the bat pollinator of Kigelia africana.  

#AS114B Kigelia Africana Story Board
#AS114B Kigelia Africana Story Board
After exhaustive research no live or preserved Micropteropus pusillus were available to me. Therefore I had to take a scientific line drawing, scientific measurements and draw the skeleton to scale. Then, calculate the position I wanted, the loss of visual sight on each bone to add muscle and skin.

I create my composition with line to determine color distribution and value placement. From this line template I can transfer the image to any paper or surface to produce a graphite, color pencil or watercolor rendering. Debra Carey


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