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Evolution of Plant and Animal Project
The purpose of the Evolution of Plant and Pollinator project is to illustrate evidence of how plant and animal converge over evolutionary time with regard to pollination and publish findings of Faculative Evolution: Behavior of the Plant and Pollinator.

Table of contents:
        I.     The Evolution of Co-Evolved Pollination
        II.     Land and Climate
        III.    Need for Pollination
        IV.   Radiation of Body Parts
       V.    Animal Radiations and Associations
       VI.    Indirect Evidence
       VII.   Direct Evidence
       VIII.  Plant Radiations that record the 1st co evolved plant and pollinator
       IX.   Evidence Depicting That Pollination Persists Today From the Mid-Cretaceous Diversity
       X.    Conservation and Ecology

Figure inclusions:
     1-2&3. Geological time scale of recorded convergent evolution from various sites dating Cenozoic to Paleozoic
     4.         Chart showing the development of land plants
     5.         Chart showing the development of animals
     6.         Chart showing the radiation of the bilateral flower
     7.         Chart showing the radiation of fleshy fruit and nut dispersal

Fossil photographs and illustration plate examples:
     12 art works of pollination persisting today
      8 art works depicting variations in pollination
    10 art works depicting Specialized pollinators
      5 art works depicting Co-evolved plant-pollinator interaction

To become a part of this project with funding, publishing or expertise contact me. To request my project proposal
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